La Fabrique Culturelle

April - trailer


By Dominic Mekky and Franky Rousseau
Based on the stage play by Samuel Bronowski
Audio production by Brian Chan
Video design by Pier-Louis Dagenais Savard
April - Emma Frank
Michael - Sean Jernigan
Aaron - Daniel Ellis-Ferris
Tickets (The Tank, New-York):
‘April’ is an experimental multi-media theater piece that fluidly merges a few discrete artistic forms: opera, musical theater, and film. Composed by Franky Rousseau and Dominic Mekky, adapted from a stage play by Samuel Bronowski, the story tells of a singer’s realization that she is quickly becoming deaf, and the ensuing toll it takes on her two close but unhealthy relationships.
The narrative is told as a collection of fragmented musical scenes, memories. These occur in flashes amid an abstract connective tissue of music, sound and film, sewing the fragments together so that they have the quality of a dream: one thing melts into another, certain details are oddly proportioned, and anything that seems concrete is in fact transient, and once again sinks calmly back into the fathomless, silent ocean of the unconscious.