La Fabrique Culturelle

Lyndal Osborne et John Freeman (Alberta)

Flax Field, 2011

Photography, vinyl, rods

Behind the presbytery, there is a field of pale blue flax blossoms that has been prepared especially this summer’s visitors. A path has been laid out so they can stroll about and admire nature. However, one must not be deceived, for Osborn and Freeman had recreated nature in their own special way. Set up in the grass, this apparent field of blue is actually hundreds of little vinyl squares printed on both sides with flower images. They have been planted in the ground, so as to allow them to sway in the wind, just as a natural flower would. Nature lovers, Osborne and Freeman create here a landscape composed of both natural and artificial elements where poetry holds sway over all. This piece is intended not only to express the timelessness of nature and of life itself, but also its regeneration.

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